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    Prepare your office for winter

    • Snow storm

      Snow storm

    Created on: 25th October 2018

    Now the weather is getting colder, you need to ensure that your office and your employees stay warm and safe all winter long.

    The temperature outside has really started to drop over the past few weeks, so it looks like winter is looming! Therefore, now is the perfect time to think about preparing your office so that it is winter ready.

    We are not talking about a total office refurbishment, but there are simple tweaks that you can make to ensure you and your stay remain safe and warm. 

    Whether we are in for an extreme winter of snow and deep freezes, or something a little milder, it’s always good to have some backup plans, just in case...

    Check your office heating system

    When was the last time you had your heating, system checked out? Having a once-over check might cost a hundred pounds to your business, but if the heating fails and you have to call out for an emergency job in the middle of winter, then this could be into the thousands of pounds, and could also mean sending employees home until it is fixed. Stay ahead of the game and get things checked out well in advance. Additional freestanding heaters might also be a good idea to bring into the office, in case some employees require extra heating around their desks than others.

    Avoiding burst pipes

    Frozen pipes are most likely to burst in very cold weather when offices are left empty i.e. over a weekend or during the Christmas holidays. Even when no one is in the office, try to keep central heating running at a minimum of 12C-15C if a freeze is forecast. Try to leave doors open throughout the office space to allow warmer air to circulate around the building and reach pipes in adjacent walls.

    Keep entryways safe

    For health and safety reasons, it’s really important that you keep all your parking bays and entryways safe for employees, clients, and guests when arriving into work and also leaving at night. The day after a snowstorm isn’t the ideal time to start worrying about snow supplies such as shovels, buckets, and salt, so stock up well in advance of the very cold weather so that you are fully prepared.

    Avoid the spread of winter colds and the flu

    Avoid the passing on of germs by making sure you have plenty of tissues, hand sanitizer and disinfectant located throughout the office and in office toilet cubicles. A few quick preventative measures can help keep everyone in your office safe and germ-free, guaranteeing a happier and healthier team.

    Check roofing and guttering

    Before heavy wind and snow kicks in, it is worth checking your building’s roof for loose tiles or slates. You might also want to consider removing dead branches from old trees to avoid them causing damage if blown over onto your building. As leaves start to fall, there’s a risk that wind will blow leaves into your gutters and drainpipes, which could get clogged up. If this builds up, the water will go back into the guttering and leak into the roof and sides of your office. Make sure that gutters are regularly checked every few weeks to avoid this happening. 

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