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Five little ways to boost morale in your office this summer

  • An office on the beach

    An office on the beach

Created on: 16th May 2018

When everyone wants to be outside enjoying the sunshine, bring a little fun to the office instead to boost motivation. 

So now the good weather has arrived, naturally, everyone wants to be outside and ideally, not in an office! Luckily the Bank Holiday Weekend is coming, however, when your employees return on Tuesday, it might be worth thinking about how to keep morale at an optimum level throughout the summer.

Here are some fun ideas to consider:

Provide healthy snacks

One of the best parts of summer is the healthy and delicious food and drink that comes with it. Why not consider providing some cool smoothies or homemade ice lollies for employees to enjoy some afternoons so they can keep cool, happy and hydrated when the office gets warmer.

Put on some summer tunes

Time to make a new playlist featuring everyone’s favourite summer hits.

Get everyone in the office involved by asking for suggestions and then compile a Spotify playlist that includes a selection of all the choices. Music can help to boost morale as well as productivity.

Brighten the office

It has long been proven that colours affect our mood, environment, and work ethic, so why not consider brightening up the colour of your office for summer 2018? If you don’t have the budget to go all out with the decorating the whole office, maybe start with the meeting rooms or communal areas to bring in some cool new colours to the most-used areas in your workspace.

Ban eating at the desk

A little fresh air can do the mind and body wonders, so encourage employees to step outside for some breaks during the day. It’s a simple trick that’ll score everyone some Vitamin D and ultimately improve efficiency. Implementing a ban of eating at the desk will naturally encourage everyone to step outside and get some sun during the day.  

Bring the outdoors, inside

Bring the outdoors and fresh oxygen into the office with some small plants. Even if your employees can’t physically be outside, they will feel a little better if they can actually see some green inside!

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