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Coffee shop interiors: what to consider?

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Created on: 29th January 2018

Top tips when considering your coffee shop interior. 

Whether opening up a new coffee shop, or renovating an existing business, there are many factors, which will affect how successful your coffee business will perform. Location and footfall are extremely important to ensure you have potential customers available, however, once the customer has entered your space, the interior design becomes vital, ensuring they have a positive experience and want to return.

Here we have listed some points to consider, which will hopefully help you to brainstorm your new interior ideas a little more practically:


As with any retail business, the clientele varies dramatically depending on location. What might be popular in Lincoln town centre, might not go down so well on Shoreditch High Street, and vice versa, therefore be sure to research your local customers, and competitors, so that you get the market demographic just right.


Location is also important when thinking about the best performing layout for your store. If your coffee shop is in a busy town centre, then you might want to focus more on take out sales with only a few ‘drink in’ tables. However, more rural coffee shops will probably want to focus on the ‘drink in’ experience, to make it more of a destination, where customers will meet friends and family, and stay for a while. Remember to try to keep as flexible as you can, as demand could change in the future.

Colour scheme

Colour schemes are important and can alter the atmosphere of a retail space in an instant. Blues and greens are fairly cold colours, and can put customers off from staying inside, so these might work well for take-out focussed coffee shops, however, warm tones of orange, purple and browns could make people feel more relaxed and want to stay longer inside.


Try to pay special attention to lighting. You don’t want your coffee shop to be too dark or bathed in stark light, therefore look at the options and which would work best for your space. Freestanding lighting gives a friendly and more informal feel, whereas spotlights or LED lighting can make areas feel a bit more corporate. Always use areas with natural light to the best of your ability. On a sunny day, customers will always want a table near the window!

Your USP

What will your coffee shop offer that the coffee shop down the road doesn't’? Free Wifi? Recyclable cups? A kid’s play area? We’re seeing a move towards hybrid coffee shops where the coffee acts as a focal point for other activities such as workspaces, child’s play areas, or bookshops, therefore consider what could truly add a special USP to your coffee shop.


There is no point in spending all your time on your coffee shop interior if your branding is poor. It is worth spending money on a branding agency, who will help you define your target audience, given your location and product, and help you to perfect your brand so that it is appealing and enticing, as well as memorable.


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