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Choosing the right lighting for your retail space

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Created on: 27th June 2017

Lighting is the key to many successful retail businesses. 

There are many things that are important when considering the design of your retail interior space, so discuss carefully with your designated shop fitters to ensure that everything has been considered. Along with layouts, colour schemes, furniture, fixtures and fittings, one huge consideration is lighting, as this can make or break a retail space and impact on revenue.

Below we explain the importance of lighting for your retail space and how it can affect your business:

Show off your products in the best light

It is very important that the lighting you choose suits the products that you are selling in the store. Warm lighting is perfect for clothing, while LED panel lighting is generally preferred for selling jewellery and cosmetics.

Make customers feel comfortable  

Creating the right atmosphere is very important in enticing people to stay in your store and ultimately buy your products. A customer who feels comfortable will be more likely to buy in your store. White lighting can help to make a small space appear much larger, whereas warmer tones can help to create a cosier atmosphere.

Entice customers inside

Good lighting in a window display will show off the products you are displaying and help to bring customers into your retail space. The use of well-placed LED spotlights and zonal lighting is perfect for highlighting products or offers in your windows, while coloured lighting helps create a theme or mood for different themes and seasons.

Spotlights on specific products

Accent lighting plays an important role in helping the customer to focus on a specific product, promotion or feature within the store. This type of lighting is important when trying to sell items on lower shelves and for those items which are less popular. 

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