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    Can you boost productivity with office lighting?

    • Cool office lighting

      Cool office lighting

    Created on: 10th February 2018

    Make sure your office environment is at an optimum level to raise productivity up to the roof! 

    Happy employees are productive ones. Nobody wants to work in an office that isn’t a pleasant environment to be in – and this will naturally have an impact on the amount of work that gets done, as well as the quality of what is completed.

    Office lighting can actually have a real effect on how your members of staff work, as well as their mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, before you embark on your office refurbishment or fit out, make sure that lighting is high on the agenda. 

    The effects of lighting 

    We’re always being told not to stare too long at the TV or our mobile phone screens right before going to bed because the blue light that the screens emit can affect the quality of our sleep – but the blue light can actually have a positive effect for those trying to improve their performance at work. Therefore, when deciding on cool or warm lighting in an office space, always opt for cool as it will help to boost concentration.  It might make all the difference.

    Natural light will always be preferred by employees and it’s not hard to see why. When you’re in an office all day, being next to a window can really make a huge difference to your staff members’ overall health, which will, in turn, help them to work more effectively – and likely enable them to enjoy their jobs more effectively. Try to let as much natural light in with windows and roof panels, where possible. 

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