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3 ways to add value to your commercial building

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    Property investment chart

Created on: 22nd January 2019

Here we look at three ways in which you can add value to your commercial space.  

Whether you are looking to sell your commercial property soon or are just looking for ways to secure investment for the future, adding value to your commercial property can only be a good thing.

Here we look at three ways in which you can add value to your commercial space.  

Add square footage

Adding more floor space and square footage is one of the most common ways to add value to a property. Depending on the use of your property, you could look to increase office space, warehouse space, parking or storage using clever and creative extension ideas.

Adding a mezzanine floor could be one useful way to increase floor space, without having to add to the outside of your building. Mezzanines have the ability to almost double your floor space at relatively low cost. Also, remember to consult with local building authorities for necessary permissions before starting any construction work to your property.

Improve the exterior of your property

The outside appearance of your property can greatly influence its value to a potential buyer. Making external improvements will not only make your property more appealing to people browsing it online but will also benefit you when it comes to negotiating on price.

Ensure that the grounds, gardens and walkways around your building are clean, well-maintained and safe. These will be one of the first things that a potential buyer or investor will look at when they come to view the property. Removing clutter and cleaning up rubbish bin areas is another worthwhile task.  

Replacing windows, window frames and doors can be fairly costly at the time, however, this is sure to make the building more appealing when it goes on the market and you can always negotiate a good deal with local suppliers to get a good job done at a relatively decent price.

Painting the outside brick of your building or even rendering it can totally transform the look of the property. This will give it a new appearance without having to make any significant structural changes.

Create a modern interior

Although the exterior appearance is very important when it comes to valuing a commercial property, the interior can be just as crucial. Modern businesses tend to prefer open plan, light and bright spaces for themselves and their employees to work from, therefore any commercial interior changes you can apply will be greatly noticed.

Trendy meeting spaces, communal kitchens and hygienic toilet facilities are all important interior features. Also, glass partitions or glass walls could also be a great way to modernise an office space, as well as create divisions for different teams or meeting rooms.

By simply assessing the current state of your property, you can evaluate what areas need improvement and what could provide the most added value. Our team is here to help you if you need any professional advice before you begin. 

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